This online memorial has been created in the honor of Nick Beylerian, from Rochester hill avd, Michigan, United States. He was born on June 14, 1992 and died on June 14, 1992.
Those who care for him have created this memorial, to witness of how a unique person he was and to celebrate his memory.
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  • Grandma_ she wondered person she let me watch Disney channel and she babysitting me she give me lost hug and kiss give me money Grandpa- I not really close most of time he sleep not really close me like grandma Andrew- he not really close friends we don't really hang out with lost in heaven where he walk eat see bear not weak he have nice smile Joseph- my close young friends we sit together in bus we play board game and play iPod game' give me space book we went rac together we email to mr

    1131 days agoThought sent by Nick Beylerian

  • I miss them

    1131 days agoCandle lit by Nick Beylerian